New Laws Require Higher Quality Captions

FCC Logo-SealOn March 16th, 2015, new FCC regulations took effect, representing a major update to the laws requiring closed captioning.  The laws include new quality standards which must be immediately met. Specifically, new standards for Accuracy and Completeness now require captions to be a near-exact, verbatim representation of the audible program (including sound effects and audience reactions), while new standards for Synchronicity and Placement now require captions to be almost perfectly in-sync with the spoken word and to appear in a way that does not unnecessarily obstruct other on-screen information.

This poses significant challenges to anyone trying to use live (real-time) captioning to caption previously-recorded programming, as achieving the newly mandated levels of quality and completeness are practically unattainable through the live method.

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Click Here to view the complete (200+ page) FCC Report & Order document