Our Partners

No Contracts • Fast Turn-Around • Flexible Terms
ProCaption was founded with the desire to serve the larger production community by providing a service that we all need, at a very reasonable price. Captioning regulations continue to tighten, and providing a low-cost and high-quality solution for our production peers has been one of our guiding principles from day one.

We love partnering with fellow Production Companies and Broadcast Facilities, providing a “white label” service you can offer as your own.

No longer a cost-prohibitive turn-off for clients, adding captions can now be a modest up-sell and opportunity for profit! Many of our rates would be reasonable at twice the price (if you catch our drift), and with the extended reach and added effectiveness of closed captions, it has never made more sense to recommend that your clients add captioning to their projects.

It’s simple…

    1. You handle the media exchange with ProCaption
    2. We bill you
    3. Your clients keep coming back to you for more!

Our partners are OUR biggest clients, and we do everything in our power to protect their business. We will NEVER approach one of your clients. Whether you choose to eat the cost or double the fee, your clients are your clients.

If you own or work for a Production Company, Post Facility or Broadcaster, we want to be your partner in the captioning business.
We promise to do everything we can to make you look good!

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