Closed Captioning Services Rates

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of paying our competitors’ closed captioning services rates, you will recognize immediately that our rates are 25% – 75% lower.  We’re not in the captioning business to get rich. It’s a service – and one we all need. So we found a way to do it for less, for ourselves and everyone else who’s tired of paying too much to do the right thing.

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Fast Turn-Around & More – Included in our Closed Captioning Services Rates:
  • 2-3 business day turn-around is standard. We also offer SAME DAY turn for spots. (Same day turn requires advance notice. Some delivery methods add to turn time). These turn times are included in our closed captioning services rates!
  • Spot prices include your choice of Roll-Up or Pop-On captions. We use exact transcription and fully-manual sync to ensure the very best results! These premium services are also built into the closed captioning services rates displayed above.
  • Long-Form (3+ minutes) prices include Roll-Up captions using real-time transcription and computer-assisted sync.  Contact us if you would like a quote for long-form Pop-On captions, exact transcription and/or fully-manual sync. (See Premium Transcription and Captioning at the bottom of this page)
  • Pop-On captions are available upon request, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for short-form spots! Long-form programs requiring Pop-On captions may require an additional fee to cover the added time required to sync and position Pop-On style captions.
  • File Encoding rates include creation of one file (any format: Mpeg, MXF, etc).
    Additional files may be created (any format) for just $25/each!
  • We also print to BetaSP and Aja KiPro, and author Blu-Ray and DVD for projects requiring physical media. Physical media fees additional, if required.
  • FREE delivery includes upload of one file to one location. Additional uploads are just $25/each.
    FREE local media pickup and delivery! Electronic file transfer and direct-to-broadcaster delivery also available.
    Postage/shipping fees additional, if required.

Premium Transcription & Captioning
All Spots are captioned using our Premium method. This includes exact transcription and fully-manual synchronization! Premium service is also available for long-form projects where 100% accuracy and caption timing are critical.  Please contact us for a custom quote based upon your program length, script availability & formatting, and the style of captions desired.

Compare Our Rates!
You won’t have to search long to see that our Closed Captioning Services rates are among the lowest in the industry! There are countless web-based services offering discount transcription, but virtually none offer turn-key transcription, captioning and file embedding, and NONE OFFER PRICES ANYWHERE CLOSE TO OURS! Throw in our personalized account/job management (yes, you can call us and we’ll answer the phone!), and you can rest assured that you won’t find a better bang for your buck!

Thanks for checking out our closed captioning services rates and transcription services rates!