Transcription Services

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Transcripts have many uses, from archiving, to creating closed captions and sub-titles, even searchable databases.

Good captioning begins with an accurate transcript. At ProCaption we offer two types of transcription services:

• Real-Time
In this method, a Transcriber listens to or views your media at or near real-time, with minimal interruption. They transcribe the spoken word and describe background details such as laughter and applause. This is the most cost effective process, as it takes the least amount of time.  While real-time transcription is prone to a higher Word Error Rate (WER) than offline transcription, experienced Transcribers are able to deliver an average Word Accuracy Rate of around 90%. This is considered acceptable by most viewers, which why the real-time process is commonly used to transcribe captions for live events, such as news, sports and awards shows.

• Offline
In this process, a program is transcribed verbatim, with nearly exact accuracy.  This frequently requires Transcribers to stop, start and rewind the program. This ultimately results in a longer and more costly process.  Words or terminology which are not immediately clear to the Transcriber must be researched to ensure they are rendered accurately.  The Word Accuracy Rate for this method is typically 99% – 100%.  This is the process most often used for advertising spots, network shows and movies.

We use local and US-based professional Transcribers who are experience in transcribing for closed captions.  Closed captioning utilizes a special, proprietary method of formatting and symbols that convey specific meanings to deaf and hearing-impaired individuals.  You don’t have to worry about how your text should be rendered. Our transcription services team will handle it for you and do so with excellence!

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