Christian Closed Captioning

Our roots are in Christian broadcasting, and ministries are still some of our largest clients. Our staff is uniquely qualified to transcribe and caption Christian content. We thoroughly understand the language, the subjects and the context. We know the difference between “spirit” & “Spirit” when we hear it, and we are very familiar with the unique language and unusual names found in Scripture.

After two decades of producing media for ministries in multiple denominations–and several lifetimes of experience in the local church–we are expertly suited to help you preserve and convey your life-changing message through Christian closed captioning.

And because we believe in what you’re doing, you’ll find our deeply discounted rates for Ministries to be the lowest you’ve ever seen … anywhere.

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The ProCaption Difference
All too often we see Christian closed captioning which was obviously captioned by someone who didn’t understand exactly what was being discussed. From Scripture references to Biblical terminology, captioning Christian content requires a uniquely qualified Transcriber.

When we caption Christian content, we use Transcribers who are well versed in the language of Scripture. Our Christian Transcribers understand the context of spiritual discussions and Biblical teaching. We know exactly what you’re wanting to communicate.

Christian closed captioning is an invaluable service. It makes an important Message available to tens-of-millions of hearing impaired individuals. It also makes that Message available to millions of people who will find themselves in cafes, coffee shops, and airports which regularly utilize closed captioning. It’s even a great teaching tool for the increasing number of viewers who are using closed captions to learn the English and Spanish languages. Christian closed captioning allows you to deliver your Message to people in unique and unexpected ways.

At ProCaption, we consider it our honor to help you preserve and convey your important Message.